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25/38/50 TCD Manual Jaggery Plants

The Jaggery Plant is completely kolhapur based with little modified with heat recovery from flue exhaust gasses. It has one 10 ft round pan for evaporation and concentration of sugarcane juice and one 11 ft rectangular pan clarification of sugarcane juice. If has one forced draft and induced draft fan at both side. it has batch time of jaggery cooking is 1 hr 20 mins.

Jaggery is a natural, traditional sweetener made by the concentration of sugarcane
juice and is known all over the world in different local names. It is a traditional unrefined
non-centrifugal sugar consumed in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.
Containing all the minerals and vitamins present in sugarcane juice, it is considered
the healthiest sugar in the world. India is world’s largest producer of sugarcane. In
India, Sugarcane is processed in to sugar, gur (jaggery) and khandsari (cottage sugar).
The methods of converting sugarcane and manufacturing sugar, gur and khandsari
are different but a great value is added in the manufacturing of these consumable final
products. During the last couple of years India has produced more than 300 MMT of
sugarcane out of which, about 79.91 % is utilized in producing white sugar, 11.29% in
producing jaggery and khandsari, 8.80 % as cane juice, seed cane for the next harvest
etc. Sugar recovery for different states in India lies in the range of 8.89 to 11.26% on
cane, whereas, recovery of jaggery (gur) ranges from 10-13% depending upon the
variety of sugarcane, sugarcane quality, soil texture, irrigation facilities, time of cane
crushing etc.

India is the largest producer and consumer of jaggery; out of total world production,
more than 70% is produced in India. Jaggery along with khandsari has withstood
competition protecting farmers’ interests besides meeting ethnic demands. Jaggery
prepared in all parts of the country. It is also known as gul, gud, gur, vellum and bella.
Jaggery is among major agro processing industries in India. Nearly 20-30% of total
sugarcane produced in the country is used for manufacture of about 7 million tonnes
jaggery. This sector provides employment to about 2.5 million people. It is therefore,
imperative to expand the sector, as it provides higher food value jaggery at lower cost
and boosts-up the rural economic system, involving low transportation cost of raw
material, and non requirement of highly technical machinery and labour. Jaggery still
dominates in preparation of various traditional products like reori, gazak, chikki, patti
and ramdana, etc. Kakavi (liquid jaggery) is part of daily diet in most parts of
Maharashtra, and has been gaining commercial importance in India.

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